Classic-Looking Knives Forged to be Used, Not Viewed

Behold the superior quality, durability, and timeless style that you can only find within our selection of replica knives. Find exactly what you’ve been looking for by exploring our knives, which span centuries of style. Our company and founder, Mike Beathe, have been featured in various publications. Read the April 1998 edition of Muzzle Blasts Magazine and Knives Illustrated in October of 2012 to learn more about us.

About Us

Based in Sperry, Oklahoma, Beathe Knives has been on the cutting edge of creating and offering expertly crafted knives for decades. The difference between our replica knives and the standard collectors' knives is simple: Beathe Knives are meant to be used to chop and slice the way you normally would with the most breathtaking, realistic reproductions of early American knives.

Our company specializes in creating historically accurate reproductions between 1700 and 1840. However, if you have a concept or drawing of something you want made, share it with us to see if we can turn your vision into a reality.

In addition to creating replica and custom knives, you’ll also find custom blackpowder guns and tomahawks, power horns, as well as colonial and mountain-man style guns and knives. Everything features collector-level quality and are ready to be used. Our owner, Mike Beathe, is a machinist turned blacksmith and bladesmith. He has handcrafted custom knives since the 1970s and hand-forged them since 1990. Today, his passion for creating handcrafted custom knives is stronger than ever. He’s constantly discovering new and exciting methods for creating handmade replica knives, as well as collaborating with carvers and engravers. It’s all in a lasting pursuit to create the perfect knife in both appearance and function.


Add these awe-inspiring handcrafted knives to your personal collection today.

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