Selling the Perfect Knives

The handcrafted knives by Beathe Knives are truly designed to be a full-fledged cutting tool for everyday use, and they’ll surely make a spectacular addition to any existing décor or collection. Browse our selection of historically accurate knives for sale or have us create the custom knife of your dreams.

Completely Custom, Completely Yours

Own custom knives you’ll be proud to truly call your own. Choose from any combination of handles, styles, lengths, and time periods. Prices depend on the materials used, the size of knife, and its design. A deposit is required when the order is placed, and the balance is due upon delivery. Please note that the creation of these knives is a long process, especially considering how frequently our owner travels to annual events. When it comes to customization, perfection requires as much patience as skill. The types of custom knives we offer include:

Bowie | Fighter | Camp | Neck | Hunter | Utility

Lifetime Guarantee

Each knife is guaranteed for life against defects in workmanship and materials. Since climate changes and time can cause cracking, checking, and shrinking, this guarantee does not include natural handle materials. If you are not satisfied with your knife, return it within 30 days in new condition for a full refund.

Drop Point Hunter

Birdseye Maple Handle
5 3/4 W-2 Blade

French Trade Knife

Curley Maple Handle
4 1/2 inch W-2 Blade

French Trade Knife

Curley Maple Handle
8 1/2" 5160 Blade

Bowie - Full Tang

8" Elk Handle
Iron Mount

Bowie Forged Guard

7 1/2" Blade

Rifleman Knife

Forged Guard 7 1/2" Blade

Spanish Trade Knife

6" top 8" Blade

French Trade Knife

4" to 10" Blade
$160 to $300

English Trade Knife

Elk Stag Handle w/ Pewter Mounts
7 1/2" B5L60 Blade

French Gentleman Knife

Full Tang, Curley Maple Handle
6 1/2" 5160 Blade

Drop Point Hunter

Cocobolo Handle
3 3/4" W-2 Blade

Rifleman's Knife

Stag Handle / Gun Barrel Fennal
Forged Fingerguard / 5" - 10" Blade
Approx $225 - $250